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 Longgggg App, lol

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PostSubject: Longgggg App, lol   Longgggg App, lol EmptyThu May 17, 2012 4:36 pm

Tell us about yourself :::

Hello! My name is Stony. Im 20yrs old, and I already know what you're thinking, "that must be a nickname! ha ha ha ha."
No sir, my parents are just certified hustlas, and gave me this awesome ass name, so whattup?

But i do follow the context of the name given to me by my gay ass parents...
I use to smoke more than a healthy dose of medicinal, and i've come to realize the benefits are non existent, and the risks are phenomenal.
I quit smoking about a month ago, thinking, hey! If i ever get a good job opportunity i can have clean piss!
AND i wont ever have to be nervous when dealing with a pig! Sidenote: HOW BOUT DEM DAMN PIGS DEEZ DAYS?

Jeez,zus, fucking gods among insects they think they are. Paranoid gods too, thinkin everybodys a damn child kidnapping, rape it, then kill it,
rob a bank after, drive reckless, drunk, while carrying every drug known to man on them type of people.
Idk if its just my town, but officers must be fucking bored because they take it amungst themselves to solve every little mystery they can when pulling you over.
"Where you goin, where ya commin from," Um Sir, that's classified top secret information you do not need to know, give me my ticket so i can GO.
"oh really, youre acting suspicious guy, whats in the vehicle?" NOTHING. "so you wont mind if i take a quick look?"
(LIKE ITS EVER QUICK) you're sitting over on the curb while the guy tears up your whole interior for 30 minutes.
then when he finds nothing he doesn't take it easy with his attitude either, he just treats you worse, like you just hid your shit really good. LMAO.
Back to app- if you haven't noticed, i hate how our government is working and police are getting way too comfortable with being corrupted.

My grid name is $ynergy, I've been playing roughly 8 years, believe it or not.
When i started playing, High Rubber was the popular mode. My cousin, ID TSUGARU, brought his laptop over back in `03.
I watched him play for like 5 minutes before i was in love with the concept. He was pretty good even at this time so he taught me the basics.
I accelled at this game very quickly. and Although I havnt played HR serious in a long time, i know i could get back into it no problem, it would probly help my DF and Sumo.

i consider myself pro at df
better than average at sumo
not much experience in fort
never touched ctf, never fucked with racing.

Why did you choose `:vZ·Clan? :::
python is the only person that can compare to my skill level, i would like to fight alongside him.

Were you reffered by one of our members? ::: Yes; Python.

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PostSubject: Re: Longgggg App, lol   Longgggg App, lol EmptyMon May 21, 2012 9:10 pm

ha ha funny app, I literally laughed my ass off at the "hid the shit really good" funny stuff but speaks the truth. I just about fill the same way and many others who have the view of anarchy will agree that society has gone nuts; actually always has been nuts. I am admired you have been playing so long shows you have great interest in this game incredible perseverance with tons of enthusiasm. you could possibly become a great asset to `: vZ.

I see a good attitude here and i like it and BTW ctf is fun you should be pro there. its a small difference in concept but same fundamentals.

so lets get to the app

we need to set up a try out day how about Thursday or Friday matter of fact: I actually seen you in action and I know exactly what you are capable of.
im just going to go ahead and speak for the rest of the active and non active `:vZ members who would normally vote on your app and say Accepted!! I totally believe every one here would agree and trust my view see you on grid.

add the tags `:vZ. in front of your name on the grid and continue to have fun Smile


Longgggg App, lol Albino-pythont-2
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PostSubject: Re: Longgggg App, lol   Longgggg App, lol EmptyFri May 25, 2012 10:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Longgggg App, lol   Longgggg App, lol Empty

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Longgggg App, lol
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