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 My Tattoo Design

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PostSubject: My Tattoo Design   Mon May 21, 2012 12:36 pm

Hay guys, this is a tattoo design I am in the process of making. I plan on putting it on the underside of my forearm.
It is a silhouette, with a combination of some of the game logo's that I have played and loved for years. Im still thinking of logos to add onto the design, but so far it looks nice. Tell me what you think!
From Left to right the video game logo's are...

1. In the top left corner is Dante from the Devil May Cry series holding his pistol and his sword Rebellion.
2. In the middle is the logo for Skyrim, but in the past it has been the same logo for a few of the other Elder Scrolls games. So I am using it as a logo for the entire series.
3. In the middle behind the Elder Scrolls logo, is the Halo Ring. I have been a fan of Halo since the day Combat Evolved came out, and the ring just fit in perfectly.
4. In the top right corner is Kratos from God of War, I was a super nerd for God of War when I was younger, so I couldnt leave it out!

Its on my arm now to, its just not finished yet


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PostSubject: Re: My Tattoo Design   Mon May 21, 2012 12:51 pm

why no tron cycle's huh? lol JK but this is an awesome tattoo.


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My Tattoo Design
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