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 Hay Guys just checking in!!

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Hay Guys just checking in!! Empty
PostSubject: Hay Guys just checking in!!   Hay Guys just checking in!! EmptySun Jul 22, 2012 1:46 am

Hows everything going on the grid? all you new recruits better be kicking ass representing the `:vZ tagz well Smile!! I miss tron so much; but getting away from tron has been allowing me to become more productive. when i Get back from my break im gonna pwn you all!!! I just want you all to know this lol... this break was needed so i will never lose my interest in tron. im thinking about taking another month break but i don't think i could handle being way from the grid that long. i think every body needs me the to pwn them. what tron if your not going to get destroyed by Python Smile any ways lmao cya guys sooon..


Hay Guys just checking in!! Albino-pythont-2
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Hay Guys just checking in!!
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