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 Xero's Applaction

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PostSubject: Xero's Applaction   Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:07 pm

Username ::: Xero
Aliases ::: None
Age ::: 15
Time Played ::: 4 years
Division you are best at ::: High Rubber
Division you are worst at ::: Fortress
Why did you choose `:vZ·Clan? ::: Because I always wanted to join and looks more organized and more active than other clans fore some odd reason.
Are you good? ::: Yes im skilled
Were you reffered by one of our members? ::: Nope.
Tell us about yourself ::: Iv'e been tronning like for 4 years now but stopped for a long time but i'm still decently skilled. I know some people in here like Ry{}n and Zappy although i don't use the aliases i use to go under. So stuff I like to do, I like to Program a little, my best programming is PHP but I don't really do stuff with it anymore, I am learning C++ a major coding for games/programs, I like to play games obviously so
yea, I like image designing like for site titles and logos, Little intro animations for videos so hit me up if you want, and I like to hang out with people just to talk to and have a good time. So anyways if you want you can PM me and ask more about me or try to actually know me and play a little. That's a essay for you guys to read. Anyways peace Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Xero's Applaction   Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:26 am

ooh that's great, Ive been waiting for some hr players to apply for vZ its been some time! Every one seems to only app for df . lets get to business you have to beat me or black zap or Ryon to 10 points to make vZ. If you have a score less than 8 you're not accepted into that division and this rule only implys for this division specifically. so give me some free times you have so we `:vZ can schedule a tryout date.


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PostSubject: Re: Xero's Applaction   Fri Aug 31, 2012 2:23 am

Alright man ugh if you want ill battle you tomorrow. I'm pacific time so maybe at 11:00 am if anyone is on?
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PostSubject: Re: Xero's Applaction   

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Xero's Applaction
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