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PostSubject: bay appppppppppp   bay appppppppppp EmptySat Nov 29, 2014 6:59 pm

Username ::: bay
Aliases ::: none
Age ::: 15
Time Played ::: 4 years
Division you are best at ::: df/sumo
Division you are worst at ::: hr
Why did you choose `:vZ·Clan? ::: Because it is a very good clan with lots of good people in it Smile
Are you good? ::: yes
Were you reffered by one of our members? ::: no Razz
Tell us about yourself ::: I love soccer and live in cali Smile
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Location : Ohio

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PostSubject: Re: bay appppppppppp   bay appppppppppp EmptyTue Dec 02, 2014 7:22 pm

Hey bay, Im moving out of town Thursday lets try to get you tested Wednesday 9:pm EST if that works with your schedule. If not we will have to postpone the app Till I get settled in to my new location.


bay appppppppppp Albino-pythont-2
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bay appppppppppp
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