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 I want to apply for vZ!

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I want to apply for vZ! Empty
PostSubject: I want to apply for vZ!   I want to apply for vZ! EmptyFri May 15, 2015 1:07 pm

Hello all,

I want to apply for vZ. It's a good group and I want to be one of the members of the group too.

My tron name is Oncing, that is the same name as my vZ-website-name.
My aliases are Once, ON^Excellent, ON^Darkness and ON^Extra.
My age is 12. I am 12 years old, I hope it isn't too young for vZ.
I played like 1 year in total, with a break from 3 months. But i started again and I almost play every day.
My best division is loose dogfight and my worst division is sumo, I am a little bit good at that.
I chose for vZ because I want in it and I saw players playing the game and they were good.
I am good, that's what I think. You can test me if you want.
Nobody of the clan reffered me for vZ.

About myself:

My real name is Ilias and I live in the Netherlands. My hobby's are playing soccer and drawing and I'm a boy. I sit on the high school in the first class and I like to play.

Greetings and I hopefully get in!

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I want to apply for vZ!
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